A Brief Session On Salesforce

The best CRM which is on demand in the market is Salesforce. Salesforce CRM reduces the cost of development and applications are delivered in a short period. Salesforce CRM works on a technology called cloud computing which doesn’t require any software installation and even hardware is not required. Salesforce CRM allows you to develop applications on your own and in case if any applications are required, it can be bought from the App Exchange. Are you interested getting the in-depth knowledge of Salesforce? Join any reputed Salesforce training centre located in your area which provides salesforce certification in Chennai which can help you to get personalized solutions that will support you in your business.

About CRM

CRM is designed to manage the communications with customers through emails, meetings, social media phone calls and prospects that make a way for Marketing, Support, and sales in an organization. Salesforce CRM is a popular technology that provides many job opportunities.

Developing Applications In Salesforce

Developing applications in Salesforce is an easy task which is known as configurations. The functionality that allows the user to add the fields according to their wish is known as customization.

Objects Of Salesforce

In Salesforce, specific data related to the organization is stored in database tables which are known as Objects. Salesforce has got Objects of two types: Standard Objects and Custom Objects.
· Custom Objects can be created by the user. The information that is important and unique to the organization is stored in Custom Objects. That is the reason Custom Objects are known to be the heart any program. Custom objects give a structure which helps in effective data sharing. The properties of Custom objects are UI tab, Custom Fields, Page Layouts.

Creating Custom Objects in Salesforce

You can create a custom object by clicking on Setup then select the option Build after that click on Create and select Objects and at last hit the button New Custom Object and key in Label name, object name, and plural label. After that according to the data type, key in the Record Name.

· Standard Objects are provided by Salesforce which is inbuilt. For instance, the standard objects are Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, users, Reports, contracts, cases, dashboard, and campaigns, etc.


Records can be created for objects and viewed in the objects using the UI called Tab.
Tabs are of three types in Salesforce; they are Visualforce Tab; Custom Object Tab and Web Tab. Custom tabs can be created by clicking on Setup, then select Build, after that click on Create and then hit on Tab and click on the button New Tab and key in the details to finish the process of Tab creation.


The data which is generated by a single or multiple reports is presented with a graphical representation known as Dashboard. The component types of Dashboard are Tables, Charts, Metrics, gauges or other elements created using VisualForce. The dashboard helps the user in keeping them updated with their business dealings in a glance.

Salesforce Reports

Reports are essential tools in any business. Reports help the management in getting an accurate picture of the progress of the organization. Reports assist the management in tracking the progress, increasing the revenue and controlling expenditure.


VisualForce is a markup language which is tag based akin to HTML. Developers can create high-level custom UI using this framework of VisualForce which can be placed on Salesforce.

Hope this session on Salesforce would have given you a brief idea to go ahead and take up in-depth training on Salesforce. Prospective users can go through the reviews of other users who have used Salesforce to gain a better understanding of it, which will change the way you work by saving time to achieve success in your business.