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The Salesforce Salesforce CRM Training in Chennai group is working round the clock to put in place pragmatic measures to help dramatically improve the success of your business. In order to actualize this mission, Salesforce has in-store certification programs that can certify you and make you very competitive.

The exam is not anything that is above you. With the right mindset and the best of preparations, you can certainly pass through successfully. Below are some of the specific instructions pertaining to the writing and conduct of the exam.

The total number of questions is sixty, and these are multiple-choice questions. The options given for each question are very confusing, and therefore it is up to the candidate to read through the questions thoroughly and meticulously before putting down the correct answer. Otherwise, you are more than likely to fail the exam.

The Salesforce team understands the relevance of time during examinations, and have allocated a total of 105 minutes for the conduct of the examination. This is really more than enough to critically cover every detail in the exam.

Every exam requires a pass mark by which a candidate’s success or otherwise is measured. By virtue of this, the Salesforce team has scaled their pass mark to a moderate 68%, which is not a difficult task to do at all.

One would be asking the monetary requirements associated with taking this exam. The Salesforce team do not believe in charging exorbitant prices. Prices are very moderate and cheap. The registration fee is pecked at $200. Provisions have also been made for candidates who are unable to sail through the exam during their first time of participation, as they are given the opportunity to write resits in order for them to make amends. For candidates facing such predicament, they will be required to pay as low as $100 per resit. This shows the touch of flexibility usually incorporated in the organisation of exams.

In order to preserve the hard earned reputation as well as the sanctity of the certification examination, the salesforce team frowns on examination malpractice of any form whatsoever.

Candidates are not allowed to refer to materials online or related books during the writing of the exam. Candidates caught exhibiting such unwarranted behaviours would be brought to book and be made to face the full rigours of the laws and regulations set up by the examination committee.

Sample Questions

Here we have given some sample questions for Certified Sales Cloud Consultant exam. We have designed the sample question proper to help the candidates attend the exam in an easy manner. The model question paper will help them to get familiarized with question types and patterns they need to answer. The actual question paper will be less or more difficult than the given model question paper.

1. Universal Containers was bought by a larger company and needs to provide information on a monthly basis to the new parent company to help predict sales.

Which data should the new parent company review?

A. Dashboard of user login history
B. Count of new lead records created
C. Number of activities tied to opportunities
D. Opportunity pipeline report grouped by month

2. When the billing address on an account is changed, the mailing address of all related contact records should be updated to reflect the new address.

How can this requirement be met?

A. Create a workflow rule on accounts.
B. Create a workflow rule on contacts.
C. Create a trigger on accounts.
D. Create a trigger on contacts.
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3. Universal Containers is using Salesforce and has set up a private sharing model. Sam is a sales executive who reports to John, a sales manager. Sam has ownership of the ABC Company account record and has created an opportunity for ABC Company. There is a sharing rule that allows the finance team to see all accounts and opportunities.

Which statement about data visibility is true?

A. John and Sam can see all of the same data
B. John can see all of Sam’s data but Sam CANNOT see all of John’s data.
C. The finance team must be added to the sales team in order to see Sam’s opportunity.
D. John must be added to the sales team in order to see Sam’s opportunity.

4. Universal Containers is expanding sales internationally and has created new price books to handle the various currencies for the five new countries. When a sales representative selects one of the new price books to add a product to an opportunity, there are no products available.

What should be evaluated when troubleshooting this issue?

A. Confirm that product line items on opportunities are enabled.
B. Confirm that the products are shared with the sales representative’s role.
C. Confirm that the old pricebook is disabled for the sales representative.
D. Confirm that the products and currencies are associated with the pricebook.

5. Sales management at Universal Containers needs to provide channel partners with easy access to approved product documentation. They also need to notify partners about the material revisions and updates.

How can they achieve these goals in Salesforce?

A. Enable Content in the Partner Community and enable Content email alerts for partner users.
B. Enable the Document tab in the Partner Community and enable email alerts for partner users.
C. Add the Content related list to the partner contact page layout and enable content delivery.
D. Add the Content related list to the partner account page layout and enable content delivery.

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