Certified Advanced Developer – Certification

For people who have the desire to be advanced developers, this is the right opportunity. in partnership with, offers advanced developers certification exams that will set you on a different level from your peers and will draw you closer to the attainment of your set goals and objectives as an advanced developer.

The nature of the exam is in three folds. The first option is the essay exam, the second type of question is the programming assignment, and the last ones are the multiple-choice exams. In order to meet the requirements of the examination and also to get you the advanced developers’certificate from Salesforce, you need to go through each of the three steps successfully.

Once you finish going through one component of the exam, you will automatically be redirected to the next component such that you can complete these three steps with ease. It is very important to educate prospective candidates on the embodiments within each step so as to make them familiarize themselves very well with the nature of the exam and pass it successfully.

As far as the multiple-choice segment is concerned, candidates would be required to attempt sixty-nine questions. The total allocated time for the answering of these questions is 120 minutes, and this means that the candidates have to work with both speed and accuracy at the same time.

The pass score for the multiple-choice questions is 73%, and this only means that candidates who are able to pass through have really tried and tested, and have proven beyond all reasonable doubts that they deserve to pass out.

As far as the registration is concerned, all candidates will be charged a registration fee of $400 and a retake fee of $200. At Salesforce, independent work is the hallmark, and they hold the policy that each and every candidate who passes the exam has to do so based on his or her own merits and not on any dubious means.

As such, it is not allowed to look through any material in the course of the examination as it is a very serious offence to do so. The prerequisite is that the prospective candidate has to be a certified developer before he or she can partake in the advanced certificate exams.

The programming assignment takes into consideration the programmatic components through the use of Apex and Virtualforce. According to the programming assignment they are submitting, candidates would be asked to answer between three and five questions.

Sample Questions

The sample questions of Certified Advanced Developer exam is given by Salesforce Training Institute in Chennai for candidates to get themselves familiar with the pattern and type of questions they need to answer. The actual question paper will remain less or more difficult than the given sample question paper. The sample paper is like a model question paper.

1. A customer wants to add a custom validation process to the contact save process. Before a contact is created, the customer wants to include validation, which checks if the associated account is active. This validation should be active for all UI as well as integration requests. Which design accomplishes this goal?

A. A custom Web service
B. A before insert trigger
C. A custom Visualforce controller
D. A client-side S-control

2. How could the use of Lists, Sets, or Maps help avoid governor limit exceptions in the following code?(Choose two answers.)
for (Account a : {
for (Contact c : [select id,otherphone from contact where accountid =]) {
c.OtherPhone= a.Phone;
update c;

A. Reduce the number of SOQL queries executed.
B. Reduce the total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries.
C. Reduce the number of DML statements.
D. Reduce the number of records processed as a result of DML statements.

3. Given the following Visualforce markup and assuming the controller and each extension include an action method named “go,” which class method will be invoked when the user clicks on the commandButton?

A. theController
B. ext1
C. ext2
D. ext3

4. Which statement is true about automated testing of custom controllers for Visualforce pages?

A. Unlike other Apex tests, Visualforce tests must be executed in the browser.
B. Calling Test.startTest() after setting a page fixture invokes a controller action specified in the page’s action attribute.
C. Form submission in a Visualforce using a custom controller can be simulated in a Apex test class.
D. Expected navigation can only be asserted in an Apex test when the resulting page is a Visualforce.

5. A Visualforce page has a command button that directly calls the doSomething() method shown below, where the MyCustomException is a class that extends the System.Exception class.
public void doSomething(){
throw new MyCustomException(‘An error message.’);
Where would the exception be displayed to the user?

A. In a component, provided one is included on the page.
B. Unhandled exceptions are only recorded in the debug log.
C. At the top of the Visualforce page.
D. On a separate page displaying the exception.

Salesforce certified Advanced developer certification in Chennai