Certified Developer Developers require a broad knowledge of customized application development, and ability to use the right mix of declarative and coding capabilities to create customized solutions which can be acquired by joining a best Salesforce training institute in Chennai. A Developer credential from will help in enhancing performance levels apart from preparing you to make use of the platform to the fullest possible.

It is imperative to have certain credentials and knowledge of concepts that go hand-in-hand with a Developer. A glimpse of the same is as follows…

Designing portals, dashboards and reports

Offering security for customized applications swoke from me application of business logic, the designing user interface and the data model.

Building customised applications with the help of point-and-click capabilities of the platform

Eligible Candidates for DEV 401 Program

  • Any graduate/MBA/MCA/BCA/BBA/B. Tech/BE
  • Anyone interested to work in Cloud Computing Technology
  • Software developer without or with Java experience

Exam Outline
The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the objectives listed below. A candidate should have hands-on experience as a Salesforce administrator and have demonstrated the application of each of the features/functions below.

objective 1

objective 1

Reference URL
Salesforce Official Website

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