Certified Developer – Certification

Details about the exam

  • The candidates will be given sixty multiple choice questions.
  • The time given to complete the exam is ninety minutes.
  • The passing score is fixed as 68%. If the candidates score less than the mentioned percentage, then they need to reappear for the exam.
  • The registration fee for the exam is USD 200.
  • The retake fee for the exam is USD 100.
  • The candidates should not refer any online materials or hardcopy while appearing for the exam.

There is no specific prerequisite to appear on the exam. They are recommended to take Visualforce (Dev401) and Building Applications with

Sample Questions

The below sample questions will help the candidates to get an idea and model of the certified developer exam. Salesforce Training Institute in Chennai have designed to make you familiar with frequently asked questions in the exam. Remember, the original question paper will have questions less difficult or more difficult than the below model.

1. Which Object relationship is allowed? (Choose 3 Answers)

A. Custom Object as a lookup to a custom object
B. Custom Object as a lookup to a standard object
C. Custom Object as the master and a standard object as the detail
D. Standard Object as the master and a custom object as the detail

2. Universal Containers tracks Candidates as a custom object in a recruiting application. On a candidate record, the city entered in the City field must be in the state selected in the State field.
How would a developer meet this requirement using declarative (point and click) means?

A. Create a validation rule that checks the city entered against an object to validate the state for the entered city
B. Create a Workflow outbound message that sends city and state information to an external global database of known cities and states
C. Create a dependency on the Address field that ensures only valid cities are selected for a given state
D. Create a formula field on the address object that looks up the state for the entered city

3. What statement is true for encrypted custom fields? (Choose 3 answers)

A. Encrypted fields are not available in filters for list views, reports and Roll-up Summary fields.
B. Encrypted fields can be included in Search results.
C. Encrypted fields are not available for validation rules or Apex scripts.
D. Encrypted fields can be included in report results.

4. What is a capability of a Data Loader? (Choose 2 answers)

A. The Data Loader can bypass sharing model settings.
B. The Data Loader can de-duplicate records.
C. The Data Loader can be executed from the Command Line.
D. The Data Loader can load more than 50,000 records at a time.

5. Who can change the owner of a record? (Choose 3 answers)

A. The current record owner
B. Users below the record owner in the role hierarchy
C. Users who can edit the record
D. Users above the record owner in the role hierarchy
E. Users with the Modify All permission for the object

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