Certified Advance Administrator – Certification

Instructions about the exam

The advanced administrator certificate exam is very relevant to Salesforce as it churns out the best advanced administrators into the market. All you need to do is to adequately prepare for the exam and pass with ease.

As far as the exam is concerned, the candidates will be given a total of sixty questions to answer, and the questions involved are of the multiple-choice type. The total time for answering these sixty questions is ninety minutes, and this means that the candidate has a maximum of only one and a half minutes to answer each question in order to stay within time.

Also, the candidate needs to have a few minutes to go through the answers and see to it that everything is in the right direction. Therefore, one has to increase his or her speed.

The pass mark for the advanced administrator exam is 65%, and candidates are entreated to work relentlessly to at least obtain this mark in order for them to be given this honourable certificate. The cost of registration is $200 plus a retake fee of $100, which is not anything huge as compared to the other exams being offered. Under no circumstance should a candidate refer to any related material in the course of writing the examination as culprits will be dealt with accordingly.

For a candidate to be eligible to participate in the exam, he or she must have achieved the rank of a salesforce certified administrator, so that the person can easily increase his or her ranking to the advanced administrator level. Before appearing for the exam, candidates are advised to partake in the ADM 211, which is referred to as the Advanced Essentials for Experienced administrators.

[/line]Sample Questions

Since candidates require full preparation ahead of the exam, sample questions have been provided for candidates to practice and get themselves familiar with the question types and to excel this Salesforce training exam. However, the original questions can either be more difficult or simpler than the sample questions, but the bottom line is that you will have confidence to write the exams if you have full control over the sample questions.

1. Universal Containers has a custom field on its contact record called Salary that is hidden for all profiles except the system administrator. The administrator has been asked to grant Read-Only access to the Salary field to the recruiters and assistants. The recruiters and assistants currently have two different profiles.

How can the administrator meet this requirement?(There are two correct answers.)

A. Change the access levels in the Recruiter and Assistant profiles to Read-Only for the Salary field.
B. Create a sharing rule for the Contact object using criteria-based sharing on the Salary field.
C. Create a permission set with Read-Only access to the Salary field and assign it to the assistant and recruiter users.
D. Create a new profile for the assistants and recruiters and reassign these users to the new profile.

2. Sales representatives are reporting trouble syncing quotes with their related opportunities.

What is a possible explanation for this problem?(There are two correct answers.)

A. The attached currency is no longer active.
B. The quote contains an archived list price.
C. The quote is attached to a closed opportunity.
D. The user does not have Edit permissions on the quote.

3. What should an administrator consider when setting up and maintaining Salesforce Knowledge? (There are three correct answers.)

A. Data category visibility is assigned through roles and profiles.
B. Article version numbers must be assigned by a Knowledge Manager for tracking.
C. Knowledge settings must be configured in order for users to be able to create articles from cases.
D. Solution category browsing must be enabled in Solution settings.

4. The sales manager at Universal Containers wants to see all opportunities that do not have any activities.

Which report type could be used to meet this requirement?(There are two correct answers.)

A. A custom report type with Opportunity as the primary object and Activity as the secondary object
B. An opportunity report with a cross-object filter of opportunities without activities
C. A joined report using an opportunity report in Block A; a task and event report filtered by tasks for Block B
D. A standard opportunity filtered by the field Last Activity and a custom date range that is blank

5. Universal Containers has a requirement to report on opportunities where the probability has dropped beneath 50%. The administrator has created a custom checkbox as a way to identify these records.

What else should the administrator do to meet this requirement?

A. Enable field history tracking on the field and include the history in the report filter.
B. Create an approval process that submits the opportunity for approval when the custom checkbox is true.
C. Create a workflow rule that updates the field when the probability drops below 50%.
D. Build a validation rule that displays an error when the user enters the probability to less than 50%.

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