Certified Service Cloud Consulant – Certification

Instructions about the exam

If you are aspiring to be a topnotch professional in the salesforce environment, you can make it a point to write the Salesforce certified service cloud consultant certification exam. Before undertaking this exam, the candidate has to be well vexed in the nature of the exam so that he or she can write with confidence and pass with flying colours.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions that are sixty on the whole. With a total time of 105 minutes to complete this exam, you can take your time and go through each question carefully before putting the right answer down. The passing score as far as the exam is concerned is 68% that is indicative of the fact that candidates have to be fully prepared in order to attain at least the pass mark.

The registration fee for partaking in the exam is $200, and that for a resit is $100. These fees are very moderate as compared to the quality and caliber of the exam, and how reputable the certification is.

Candidates are advised not to make reference to any material online or related material while writing the exam as failure to adhere to this simple rule constitutes a breach of the examination rules and regulations.

In order to make this exam very easy for the candidates to pass, Salesforce has reference materials from which you can study and prepare yourself very well for the exam. They also have a full version course study guide that has online training module as well as sample and similar examination questions embedded within. Once the candidate is able to go through the study guide successfully, nothing can stop him or her from passing the exam with distinction. The candidate can make good use of the sample questions in order for him or her to get acclimatized to the nature and type of questions to be expected.

The sine quo non-to participating in this exam is to have a administrator certification status. In this case, you will be able to build on your expertise to answer the questions diligently. Some of the questions are to test how well you analyze things, and the answers you give to such questions have a direct link to the experience you have garnered in the Salesforce industry over the years.

In order for Salesforce to breach the language barrier, the examination is conducted in different languages. The languages are English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Sample Questions

The sample questions represent Certified Service Cloud Consultant exam. The candidates can use the sample question paper provided by Salesforce Admin Training in Chennai as model paper and prepare for the exam accordingly. It will help them to get familiar and gain an idea about the type of questions they will be getting in the exam. The original question paper will be easy or tough than the given model question paper.

1) SLA to accept and respond within 2 hours of case creation- how to best handle?

A. Auto-responded within one hour of creation
B. Workflow rule to email rep in 1 hour
C. Escalate within one hour

2) Which application will allow a client to enable ideas on a public website?

A. Partner portal
B. Customer portal
C. Self-service portal
D. Sites

3) Which system would be used to manage staffing model for average time and SLA compliance?

B. Chat log
C. WFM(Work Force Management)
D. Entitlements

4) How to enable chat for service center?

A. Search the AppExchange for a solution and install
B. Set up profile with chat permissions

5) What are metric for measuring customer satisfaction?

A. Call quality
B. First case resolution

C. Cases closed

Salesforce Certification for Service Cloud Consultant in Chennai