Complete Guide To Salesforce Database

Salesforce CRM Technology is one of the easiest cloud based database and that is the reason many are interested in proceeding a career in salesforce by joining a best salesforce training institute in chennai. Trying to understand how salesforce with respect to database will help in visualizing the solutions. You should be aware on the limitations and that way you will be able to visualize the data in a better way in salesforce.

Basics Of Database

A database is used to collect and arrange the information in rows and columns. A simple example to understand is Excel. If you have used Excel before you can’t say that you haven’t used database before.

In Excel a group of data points can be organized in the form of rows and columns. A table will hold the data points, which would perfectly represent a theme.

Table 1: Job

Job TitleEducationIndustryMax. PayMin. Pay
IT ExecutiveAssociate DegreeHR50,00030,000
HR RecruiterBachelor DegreeHR100,00080,000
SW AssociateBachelor DegreeEngineering120000100000
QA AnalystBachelor’s DegreeEngineering1200001000000

Tables in salesforce is called as objects. Inside the tables there will be rows and columns. In the above example the “Job Title” is called as the theme. Generally in a database the table will be holding the data points and called as theme.

Breed EcosystemIn a table or object we have rows and columns. Every row is called a record.Each and every record will contain data points which can be summed together. In the above table if you look at the highlighted  HR Recruiter row you can see details which are specific to the HR Recruiter position.

The columns contain data which are focused to the column name. The columns are called as fields. The column education requirements is same as the field in salesforce which has the same name. Fields can be classified into different types and each field has a restricted data set. When you read the details in each columns, you can very well figure out the connection between data and the relationship to the field names.

The Education column shows the level of education needed to be in this position.

So far we have discussed about a simple database but salesforce is more than a regular database. The database tables share a relationship with one another and hence it is said to be powerful.

Relational Databases

Table 2: Recruitment Manager

Job TitleEducationIndustryMax. PayMin. PayRecruitment Manager
IT ExecutiveAssociate DegreeHR50,00030,000Dave
HR RecruiterBachelor DegreeHR100,00080,000Andrew
SW AssociateBachelor DegreeEngineering120000100000John
QA AnalystBachelor’s DegreeEngineering1200001000000John

In the database model, we have included a new column called Recruitment Manager. You can very well see the hiring manager John have been listed twice as a Recruiting Manager. Though the name is duplicated we need one table for database and us, need to update every single row for every record. It is okay to have duplicate information on the record as it is placed on the object.

If you need more information about John like the contact details or department, then you will need a complicated query or you should report in order to get the access to the information.

The first table is called the Job and the second table is called the recruitment manager. In a normal database both the database tables may share the same data as the name of the recruitment manager, but both the databases are not linked with each other. This is where we need more complicated reports and codes to get things connected.