Identifying The Right Salesforce Certification For You

Salesforce certifications are available in seven tracks ranging from technical marketing to high-level technologies. These include positions like Administrators, Developers, Architects, App Builders, Marketers, Implementation Experts and Marketing automation – Pardot. There are multiple level credentials also available like Marketing Cloud Consultant, Social Specialist and Email specialist. For certification, the candidate has to clear a multiple choice test that comes with a testing fee of $200. The qualifying score is 60% to 68%. A professional Salesforce training can catapult your career growth.

A survey conducted by Foote Partners LLC studied the compensation trend of 3,018 employers in the US and Canada and notice among the 417 certifications 250,000 workers that three Salesforce certification has statistical significance to prove their value on base pay. There was a difference in base pay for those employees who possess Salesforce certification and those who do not. The first quarter edition for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer showed an 8% increase in compensation. There is a variation among employers as Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II lead to 9% higher compensation.

Similarly, Technical Architects certification got a median increase of 14% in as per Foote’s data. It is also believed that the hike is due to fewer people holding the certification. Clearing the examination involves a four-hour presentation on hypothetical business scenarios that require architecture and is judged by the review board. The presentation part costs $6,000 irrespective of a pass or a fail and another $500 for separate multiple choice examination. This is in comparison with $200 for Developer I and $400 for Developer II multiple choice test with no presentation for the certification.

The certification that comes with a higher price is tough to accomplish with a complicated test, lab assessments, and peer review panel. Salesforce certification is statistically valuable says Foote. Salesforce certifications throw up during the survey, and in the future, the numbers are likely to rise, and this shows the value respondents assign to them.


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Consultant certifications

Brent Leary from CRM Essentials in Atlanta Firm said certifications are crucial to working on the contractor side. Consultants with no appropriate certifications are eliminated from the bidding process at an early stage. A certification can give you a strong hold and help you reach new heights. It is crucial to winning a business and gives you the exposure to the real world scenarios. Theoretical knowledge has to be put into practice, and a certification gives you that hold. Practical exposure is crucial to building a career, and the certification is a stepping stone to achieve this goal.

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According to Leary, the first hurdle can be eliminated by having the right certification. With competition rife, a certification can put you above others. The screening process becomes easier if you have the right certification. The experience along with a certification is an added advantage to show that you are the right contender for the job. Salesforce certifications are available for various proficiencies. If you are looking to start a career as a consultant, ensure you have the right certification to become eligible among the bidding contractors.