What You Need To Know About Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce Training-Admin Certification Salesforce Admin Training Chennai offers a wide variety of certification like Salesforce Admin certification and Salesforce Developer Certification. Once you are done with any of these basic certifications, you can go for Salesforce.com Certified Service Cloud Consultant and Salesforce.com Certified Sales Cloud Consultant.

When thinking of getting Salesforce certified people first think whether they should prefer Salesforce developer or Salesforce administrator. The second thing they think of is that whether they have enough knowledge to become a Salesforce admin.

Salesforce Administrator Certification

If you want to become a specialist in cloud computing, then the best start would be to do a Salesforce certification. All companies look for at least a primary Salesforce certification in their job ad.

Once you have finalized with Salesforce certification, then you can choose online tutorial or self-study or get trained in a center. There are extensive information and tutorials available online which would make your steps much easier.

Salesforce Developer Vs Salesforce Administrator

The two popular certifications offered are Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM 201) and Advanced Certified Administrator (ADM 211). ADM 201 doesn’t need any pre-qualifications, and once you pass ADM 201, you can move on to ADM 211.

The procedure is the same for Salesforce Developer as well. Salesforce Developer (DEV 401) and Salesforce Advanced Developer (DEV 501) are the most popular developer tracks. Just like ADM 401, there are no prerequisites needed for DEV401 too. Once you have cleared DEV 401, then you can carry on DEV 501 certifications.

It is not possible to do a cross match with certifications. You can’t do ADM201 and then proceed with DEV501. Developer and Administrator are two different tracks and to do DEV501 you should first pass DEV401. When you pass ADM201, you can write DEV401 as both don’t have any prerequisites. There is always a straightforward hierarchy on how the certifications work.

Difference Between Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer

The Salesforce admin certification concentrates on the daily processes involved in cloud computing in Salesforce org. Few features of Salesforce admin certification are the workflow rules, Triggers, territory management and others. There is not much difference in the topics covered in Salesforce Advanced Administrator. The only difference is that the subjects discussed in Salesforce admin are revisited much deeper in Salesforce advanced admin certification.

Salesforce developer focusses more on the skillset and knowledge.Salesforce admin is all about clicks and no codes. Salesforce Developer involves basic Apex coding for development. It is not necessary to know the codings for the certification, but you should be aware on what basis the codes are written.


You can take a basic developer edition to trial the features to get a better understanding of the overall functionalities. To get an in-depth understanding of the functionalities and features apart from the knowledge you have it is better to do all the three certifications namely Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Advanced Administrator Test.

You need not feel overwhelmed. You can start slowly with either DEV 401 or ADM201 and then progress to the advanced levels gradually. You can start with one among them which you feel confident and comfortable and which matches your previous experience. Your career goals can also be a decision maker in deciding one among the two.

Preparation For Certification

Before you start with your preparation, look for the certification page in the Salesforce website. You will find all the details on this page. You will also get more information on the training part in the official Salesforce training. There is also certification verification tool available to check the validity of the certification.All updated study materials will be offered in the Salesforce certification page.