Does Salesforce Certification Boost Your Career Growth

Salesforce Certification for Career Growth

Reach the next level in your Salesforce career with the right certifications. Apart from giving confidence to the employees, certification brings in new potential to an organization. Your skills can come handy when your company needs you the most. Building a new feature or a mobile app for the company can help tide over the financial crisis and give you a permanent role in the company. Certification helps to improve the skills in programming frameworks like Lightning Experience, VisualForce, Classic and more. Salesforce Training can aid in completing the certification effortlessly.

The role of Salesforce certification is to improve the capability of the admins, architects, developers and end users. It helps to understand the application holistically and about a particular business. It is important to understand the value of the platform and stand up when the situation demands. Salesforce certifications come with a stamp of expertise, however, there can be no replacement for experience. While describing the differences between the terms street smart and book smart, Salesforce MVP Chris Lewis says it is not possible to learn the nuances of daily support and problem resolution through learning alone; it needs practice.

An overview of Salesforce Training

Salesforce Cloud Computing Training

If you want to go from a novice to an expert, it is important to take the certification route. The Trailhead gives you entry into Salesforce certification program. It helps you move from Administration, Architect and Developer tracks. Salesforce offers a free online training program called Trailhead for the sake of developers and it comes in different modules. The Trails are nothing but a guided learning solution that takes you through the modules and projects. It helps you cover most of the ground within a short span of time. You can call it a personal tool to explore the Salesforce modules. The Trailhead program comes with 140 schedules and is a great learning resource.

Each module comes with several units along with an approximation of time. The CRM Basics Module comes in two units and will take 30 minutes to complete. Moreover, the tracks needed to be followed to concentrate on the specialised areas of Salesforce. An important feature of Trailhead is how it integrates the theory with practical use. The training, as well as the testing systems, are created to test the expertise using real time examples. This gives a huge benefit to the Salesforce certification path. It gives you a scope for looking into the documentation, watching videos and answering a few questions before you are fully enabled.

Just fill in the details before signing up for the page. Once you have established the developer instance, link it with your Trailhead account, and you can test on a particular module. Salesforce help site is also a great resource giving you access to various information and document library. This will be useful both during the training and practical exposure. On the final note, Salesforce Success Community of experts gives you a relay of their real time experiences making it easier for you during troubleshooting of any problems.