Are Salesforce Certifications Worth The Effort? Find Out!

Salesforce Training CertificationsPeople who are interested in Salesforce often think whether it is mandatory to get Salesforce certification and how it would be useful in their career. Salesforce keeps introducing new certifications, and at present, there are 20 different types of certifications which involve all the fields. Some of the certifications are Certified Advanced Administrator, Developer, Architect.

If you are looking for a “yes” or “No” answer in moving towards Salesforce certifications, then the answer would be “yes.” When talking about Salesforce, there are two different types of businesses. One is that you are already working in Salesforce and the second is that you are looking for a role in Salesforce.

If you have been looking for job positions in the consulting space, then you would obviously know the importance of Salesforce certifications. Many companies don’t even call you for an interview if you don’t have at least one salesforce certified logo in your resume.

If you are looking for opportunities in the consultant role, then the best certifications would be sales and service cloud. On the other side if you are looking for opportunities on the developer side them Dev 401 or Dev 501 would be the best options. The certifications Dev 401 and Dev 501 are now named as Developer 1 and 2.

Why Certification Are Needed By Companies?

Reaching out to the next level of partner program in Salesforce is met out. In manlier places, there are criteria in fulfilling the number of consultants who are certified. It shows the level of commitment the candidate has on this field.

Only people who are interested in the Salesforce field can put so much of effort in getting Salesforce certification and spend some time in maintaining the credentials. Individuals who look for any job wouldn’t take too much of effort.

The Salesforce partners are usually more accurate in Salesforce certifications when compared to the client side, but you can see the certification name listed in the job ads. If you are not certified, then you should have a solid work experience to compensate the lack of certifications.

Depending upon the usability of the end-user and their requirements the level of certifications needed can be decided when they start the hiring process. Some consulting partners who are shifted from other teams from the same company would be advised to do the certification once they join the Salesforce team.

Advantages Of Certifications

This will enhance your Salesforce knowledge which would yield better solutions to be delivered to the customers. For people who are new to the industry, it shows how dedicated you are in the Salesforce industry that you have spent time and effort in getting your Salesforce credentials. The client companies would naturally honor the effort you put forth.

The sincerity you have on Salesforce Training in Chennai will get added which is a good thing to do. By holding a Salesforce certification, there is more possibility to get interview slots from both the end user and from the partners.

There are more opportunities of the pay hike. Some clients increase the salary up to $5k from the base salary for each certification attained. Getting certified is not a hard thing to say but spending the time to invest in studying and preparing for the exams is the most difficult thing to do. Each certification is an investment, and you have to think twice before opting for a certification.

Once you write your certification, you can put the logo on your resume. You will be given a certification number which can be used by the Salesforce partner or client to check the credibility. You should also be ready to write the certifications thrice a year to keep them active without getting expired.