Salesforce Knowledge An Introduction By Salesforce

Salesforce Knowledge provides a facility for creating a complete Knowledge Base within Salesforce for the benefit of your customers, partners, and internal agents. Thus, Knowledge base of Salesforce provides personalized service to the customers with the help of very few agents. The knowledge base is a collection of pertinent information regarding services and products which will help the agents in guiding the customers to resolve their queries. Are you interested in executing KB for your organization or clients? Approach any reputed institution which gives the best salesforce training in Chennai and execute KB in your organization to achieve heights in your business.

The personalized service provided by Salesforce Knowledge is an excellent feature of Salesforce. The queries made by the customers are solved instantly without having to make a call and wait for an answer for simple issues.


Many editions of Salesforce has incorporated Knowledge as an add-on feature. The license will have to be purchased for the users who are building the articles and manages the application, and it is not required for those who just view it.


After installing and creating Knowledge of Salesforce, you will be allowed to share pertinent articles via four channels depending upon the customer’s location. For every article that is published, you are permitted to specify the channel where the articles need to be shared. For instance, you need not share articles on channels that are external when the article is related to training internally.

Internal Channel

Only Salesforce internal users are permitted by this channel. Knowledge can be accessed through Knowledge Tab from any app inside knowledge. Knowledge permits the users to find out related articles if they have any specific to any query or issue.

Partner Channel

Articles can be shared through partner community of Salesforce using Partner Channel. A tailored partner community can be built easily so that every stage of the partner relationship can be managed effectively. Thus partners will be able to get significant updates on services and products related to the Sales advice or Sales process.

Customer channel

This channel permits you to exhibit articles through customer community of Salesforce which is the main reason to put KB into practice. Customers can resolve their issues on their own through this Channel. The customer is even allowed to log cases so that they get a query based on the case submitted.

Public KB

This channel permits you to exhibit KB via public mode. This channel does not require a login or license; hence many organizations prefer using this channel rather than the Customer Portal. The AppExchange Salesforce app allows you to organize a public KB which permits you to customize and install KB to go with the appearance, feel and styling of the website created by you.

Salesforce Knowledge is a mighty tool when used in case deflections and guides your customers, employees and partners attain the maximum out of the products and services that are sold. Service reps can also resolve their cases quickly and get maximum help by using the other features of Knowledge. The community users and internal users are permitted to vote on articles with the help of Knowledge, which is configured to accept Thumbs up or Thumbs down or a five star.

On the whole, the Knowledge is a great appendage to the Salesforce products. Knowledge can be implemented fast, and it can be incorporated into any application with its excellent features, which makes the users self-reliant. Prospective customers can engage themselves with any device, in asking any query to Salesforce knowledge which is replied instantly. Sure this introduction to KB of Salesforce will have given you a clear-cut idea about the KB and its usage making the customers able to find out their solutions, without having to call for help.