Steps To Kick Start A Salesforce Career

Salesforce has created an impact in the technology world. There are new companies joining hands with salesforce day by day, which mean the number of salesforce administrators, developers and architects are increasing equally. There is salesforce training in Chennai happening that will do the training part and make your exam preparations much easier.

Starting a salesforce career is a good thing to do but the take-off may take a while. Companies nowadays are looking for individuals who are experienced and have a good knowledge on the cloud platform and have hands-on experience. You should do your part in spending time to learn and do some networking to find your dream job.

Creating A Free Account

Almost anyone who is interested in salesforce and is looking for employment in the salesforce field takes the free trial edition to have hands-on experience. This would in turn help you to experience the features and functionalities of Salesforce. When new features come up you can start experiencing it right away.

The admin orgs are always free and will continue to be active if you have logged in at least once in 6 months. Few people use this org for years together just to do some trial and errors.

There are certain things you can do in this org.

  1.    You can install packages from AppExchange to check them and gain familiarity with the installation process.
  2.    You can start building new features and functionalities in Salesforce like objects, triggers
  3.    Developers can write and execute APEX code including visualforce.
  4.    You can view Salesforce success community, which has extensive Salesforce guides, documentation. These are created by Salesforce and by the community.

The main portal is your admin account, which will help you to learn and go around to explore the features. The setup is fairly easy and you will not have trouble setting that up.

Do The Self Study

When the admin account is created you can start to go around. You need not search much on the resources available online to lead you in the right direction.

Salesforce YouTube Channel

There is a separate salesforce YouTube channel available which would be the greatest resource for those who learn better visually. You can find the basic how-to videos to the full dreamforce session videos. These are the excellent sources. Platform

This is the traditional way of learning salesforce. This is a detailed guide, which is detailed and is the best guide. This resource provides some content for deep understanding to the basics of the application. The PDF document will get updated after each salesforce release.

If you are particularly interested in the complete documentation, then you can go through the links, which leads to books, which are available for reference purpose. If you are interested in attending Dreamforce then, you can get a copy of the recent version of printed books in the developer zone.


When you have a basic knowledge on the salesforce features, then there is no necessity to hesitate to apply the knowledge in real-time. If you want to make up your resume with projects before you start applying for a full-time job, then volunteering would be the best way to start.

Non-profits are given discounted rates of salesforce to encourage them to make use of salesforce. Non-profit organizations throughout the world have begun understanding the importance of Salesforce as they have limited resource but more work to be streamlined.

The Non-Profit companies are looking for some talented people who can spare sometime in maintaining the salesforce orgs and guide them to do the initial setup and support them in maintaining the salesforce org.