Trailhead: The Salesforce Learning Curve

An easier way to learn Salesforce is to through Trailhead. It is an informative guide to administrators and developers to understand the key features through interactive online tutorials. The trailhead was launched in 2014 and new features are being introduced since then. It is a Traditional Classroom Training & Company Specific End-User Training tool for new learners. It is an amalgamation between Salesforce Developer Marketing and Doc Teams. The trailhead is for beginners and intermediate learners. The advanced topics of Salesforce Admin Training in Chennai are soon to be covered and it can support advanced learner as well in the near future. The ultimate goal of Trailhead is to make the learning experience simple and redefining for the user.

Trailhead key features

Learn at your own pace

The flexible learning method has made Trailhead a favorite learning tool. You can choose your own learning mode and speed based on your potential. Websites like Codecademy, Code School, Treehouse, Udacity has made the Trailhead popular.


The Trailhead is arranged in three levels of Trails, Modules and Units. It offers a sequential presentation of the paths for the learners. The levels make it easier to read and understand the process without any confusion.

Engaging content

The content is not just in order but engaging too. The tutorials are short and can be completed within 15 minutes. The content is simple and direct thereby offering a rich learning experience to the reader.

open book of salesforce knowledge base


Each unit has a challenging assessment section to check your understanding of the content. There are multiple choice questions or task in DE org. There is an option for instant feedback after completing the challenge.


To make your learning experience motivating, there are options for badges, awards and points on completion of every module or unit. The badges can highlight your profile giving you a recognition showcasing your expertise.

The above key features offer an interesting twist to Trailhead over other learning tools. New learners were finding it difficult to understand a specific product earlier but with the advent of Trailhead, they are at the convenience of learning new features in a detailed and accurate manner. The documentation available gives a clear understanding of the order of the content. Moreover, the content assessment adds value to the tool.

Comparison with other learning tools

There are many guides and help available online for developers and administrators but not all have garnered the attention that Trailhead enjoys. Though the goal of all the guides is to provide assistance to the new learner, and Trailhead stands high offering a curated and guided learning experience. Here the modules are simplified, targeted and self-contained. The ultimate goal is to provide the users with basic information like background, concept, context and procedure. It is a comprehensive package for both new and middle-level users. The modules explain the features in detail.

The docs are similar provide easy to understand tutorials on the specific areas and in an organized manner. Though they offer workbooks, it cannot be compared with the interactive assessments offered by Trailhead. Moreover, using the docs the user will not be able to complete app building projects due to the lack of series of steps in the workbook. On the contrary, Trailhead offers an independent design despite being arranged in a sequence. Learners can choose a topic of their interest instead of going through the units available in the module.

The response to Trailhead has been inviting. The additional features like walkthroughs and interactive videos have given it an edge over competitors. The learning experience is simple, effective and enjoyable. The developer community is enthusiastic about using the tool and the number is growing steadily. The blog posts and tweets are a testimony to the welcoming response and growing community of learners on Trailhead.