To Watch Or Not? – Salesforce Video Tutorials

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Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM software in the world today. This success is due to the many advantages offered by it, in addition to the extensive resources it provides. Many companies and businesses are considering the adoption of CRM software. But, often they hesitate, as they might not be quite tech savvy. Salesforce dispenses these fears, as it has been created with user-friendly features. This is one of the reasons that catapulted Salesforce to the top of the CRM industry. This growing popularity has also made it an attractive career choice for many professionals. To become a Certified Developer, one has to undergo a short training course and gain some industrial exposure by working on various related projects.

Salesforce has been successful in integrating itself with other systems, that have been previously implemented at organisations, thereby making the transition easier for the employees. The CRM offers easy data collaboration across several departments, as the customer information is centralised in the form of arrays and reports. Features like data security and protection are also provided by Salesforce which makes it a very valuable tool in data-sensitive industries. The flexibility and customization potential offered by Salesforce CRM Training Chennai has made it popular among different businesses regardless of size or industry.

As cloud technology is used to implement Salesforce, it ensures that the information stored is accessible at anytime, and anywhere by the employees and the business owners offering incredible flexibility. Since the popularity of any CRM software rests solely on its capacity to provide users with plenty of resources along ease of usability, Salesforce has hit the jackpot. It has invested a lot of time and money by offering educational and informative blogs as well as hosting its own YouTube channel addressing the difficulties often usually faced by its users. This particular trait of Salesforce makes it more reliable in the business owner’s mindset, thereby ensuring loyalty on their part. With the current explosion of App usage in every public scenario, Salesforce AppExchange has made the most of it by making it possible for businesses to develop their own customizable apps.

There are several tutorials that cater to different expert levels, with the main aim of helping CRM professionals brush up their knowledge and stay updated. Since it works as a visual guide, it makes it easier to follow and implement within their businesses. The majority of beginners have hailed such tutorials as a Godsend, as it helps in understanding how Salesforce works in the easiest way possible. The screenshots included in these tutorials makes tasks easier for novice CRM users.

Some of the benefits of watching a Salesforce CRM tutorial have been outlined below:

Salesforce videoQuick Learning Benefits

These tutorial videos are hassle-free and can be viewed at the viewer’s discretion, making it more accessible to novice learners. The possibility of pausing a tutorial video or even playing it a few times makes helps you to learn easily rather than reading through loads of study-material.

Higher Accuracy

By following a Salesforce video tutorial in carrying out a particular task, it has been noted that there is a higher accuracy rate of getting it right the first time compared to reading about it and then attempting it.

Free Learning Resource

Since most Salesforce tutorial videos are free to use, it encourages its users to keep updating their skills. You can view these videos any number of times required and even choose the quality f the video you are viewing. This ease of accessibility makes Salesforce quite popular among business owners as they can ask their employees to build-up on their skill set with no further investment.

Experts have reported that the data retained by the human mind is more when it is presented in a visual format compared to in a text format. This plays a major role in helping users grasp new skills faster, while watching Salesforce CRM tutorial videos.