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Salesforce: Making A Difference To The Society In Tough Times

Salesforce People Working In Tough Times Of Society

While the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and disrupts the lives, families, jobs, routines, and businesses, it is time to step up the game and face this invisible enemy that is bound to stay with us indefinitely.
From the first few weeks of the onset of the pandemic, Salesforce has been devising plans to support healthcare organizations and their related businesses. Salesforce can come up with packaged solutions for businesses and organizations in the healthcare sector.

With the “work from home” option being preferred worldwide, Salesforce has eliminated and reduced licensing costs for many of its products as a magnanimous gesture to support and enhance remote working.

Promoting Healthcare with Salesforce Care

As norms and rules are constantly changing with the Covid-19 crisis, it is imperative that businesses stay connected and receptive to their partners, employees, and clients.

This is the period when real-time information is crucial to help companies ride out the storm and thrive.

Salesforce Care for Healthcare is a unique solution because it:

  • Supports healthcare systems that are handling a heavy influx of requests during the pandemic.
  • It is entirely free of cost for a period of six months for healthcare systems that are working round-the-clock to handle the crisis.
  • Customers can avail of Salesforce Care for a reduced price after the stipulated period or discontinue the service.

Newly added Salesforce Care solutions:

  • Salesforce Community Cloud: It is a great solution for organizations to distribute trusted information to patients that comes from a reliable, personalized, self-service resource center. Using this information, members and communities can counteract the higher call volume with contact centers.
  • Salesforce Maps: Salesforce Maps provides accurate data to monitor hotspots where outbreaks have occurred. This gives businesses an edge to overlay important employee and customer data and arrive at better decisions.
  • Salesforce myTrailhead: This learning platform enables organizations to deploy digital content regarding safety and testing protocols to employees, clients, and stakeholders. It can also be used to attain certification through on-demand courses.
  • Salesforce Shield: To ensure that organizations fulfill the external and internal compliance requirements, Salesforce Shield helps to protect the privacy of sensitive data by delivering encryption and audit trails.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud: Health Cloud is a tech-savvy platform that incorporates doctor-patient relationships and management of data sources, medical records, etc. It facilitates the exchange of important communication across multiple channels to gain better-personalized care.

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Business tools From Salesforce Care For Employees And Customers

Extending its healthcare solutions to the employees and customers, Salesforce is ensuring that business networks survive the strain of the pandemic crisis. This survival is extremely vital as it dictates the survival and revival of the economy which is crucial to keep jobs functional in an organization.

Salesforce Care solutions for employees and customers include:

Salesforce Care for Employee And Customer Support:

As a pre-configured help center and customer service, this solution is mainly used to respond to enquiries and disseminate information. Its features include:

  • Einstein Bots
  • Communities and portals to encourage self-service.
  • Tools to help handle the volume of questions that come across multiple channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook.
  • Salesforce Maps to identify Covid-19 hotspots.
  • Salesforce Essentials:Salesforce Essentials has been uniquely designed to support the small businesses to effectively handle their customer bases along with uninterrupted sales and services.
  • Salesforce Care Tableau:Tableau has been specifically designed to help small businesses make data-driven decisions to deal with unique problems that might crop up in this period of uncertainty.
  • Philanthropy Cloud: Philanthropy Cloud empowers employees to donate to the causes they believe in by enrolling in virtual skill-based volunteering opportunities. Salesforce has made Philanthropy Cloud accessible for free of cost until September 30 for companies in the US.

Additional features of Salesforce Care:

  • Free round-the-clock guidance, support, and coaching by Salesforce experts to successfully implement Salesforce Care solutions.
  • Free access for customers and non-customers for a period of 90 days.

Staying ahead of the race with Cloud Solutions, Chennai

The Covid-19 situation is a tough gauntlet that is highly unpredictable and untameable. For companies to thrive and survive, it is imperative that we utilize every Salesforce solution that we have in our arsenal.

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