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Do You Know Your Salesforce Personality?

Salesforce Personality - Cloud solutions Chennai

The cloud platform by Salesforce is utilized by lakhs of customers around the world to better leverage business opportunities and gain a better understanding of needs. A support representative may use it to track tickets while a sales executive utilizes it to get a lead.
That said, Salesforce makes day-to-day business operations even more straightforward and better when it can improve communication with all other applications employed by the organization like bug tracking tools and call centre software. Currently, there are several ways a business can amplify their Salesforce setup.
But how do you know the level of integration you need? That depends upon the demand, possibilities and requirements of your project. Although generally, there are four categories of need or what is commonly known as Salesforce personality.
Find your Salesforce personality, and you’ll be able to figure out what approach is necessary to make more of your Salesforce CRM.

The Data-Driven Personality Of Salesforce

This category is about using Salesforce to store data or retrieving it. Most often, it is done manually. There is no requirement to connect the platform with other processes and apps because the requirement is simple. You either load fate from a flat file or database into Salesforce, or you get it out of a file stored in it.

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Called data loading, these are the four prevalent examples of it:

  • Adding data into Salesforce from an FTP site.
  • Pushing Salesforce data to an Excel file or pulling it from it for small business accounting.
  • Pushing all kinds of data on Salesforce to an internal database (or pulling it)
  • Getting data from Salesforce, manipulating the accounts, products or contacts in an internal database and then pushing it back along with scheduled queries.

The Real-time Personality Of Salesforce

When a business primarily requires accurate information that stays up to date, they have a real-time personality. The need here is for a Salesforce Lightning Connect that offers real-time integration. The common scenarios of this personality include:

    Salesforce Personality Type

  • When someone opens a customer record, immediate visibility to the call centre system is provided with updated information on cases and tickets.
  • Showing SAP data in Salesforce but without persisting the data so that valuable space is not taken up. One example is displaying inventory data from SAP on a Salesforce account.
  • Offering roadside aid support reps the real-time status of a vehicle by connecting it with a Service cloud.

The Sync Or Swim Personality:
This type of personality or business need is to update data on several systems. Salesforce automation helps because long hours are not wasted on manually updating multiple and disparate systems. Because the platform allows for automated synchronization, employees can pay attention to their core jobs and be more productive. A few things syncing can do are:

  • Handle the whole customer lifecycle as it keeps the apps up to date.
  • Batch update all systems as per schedule.
  • Update all customer account information between the ERP system and Salesforce. As a result, sales professionals have a single source of truth.

The Event-oriented Personality Of Salesforce

There are some businesses that take a step further from synchronization. To get the most buck of their investment, they even automate all-digital processes that span several apps. Digitalizing manual processes not only streamlines business operations but also reduces the time span of the standard procedure from days to minutes. Furthermore, it eliminates errors.
By opting for event-based integration, you resolve use cases such as:

    Know your salesforce personality

  • Allow reps to track, forecast and order any inventory right from their mobile devices. Also, an instant connection of all billing and invoicing with back-office systems is possible through field service automation.
  • The quote to cash automation integrates the entire sales process starting from quotation and ending with renewals.
  • Streamline procedures like merchandise and returns through RMA automation. Other possibilities with this are logging tickets within the Service cloud and sending prepaid shipping labels directly from the vendor app.

There was a time when integration was a convoluted process that took up a lot of time. By categorizing needs in these four personalities, it makes the process much easier. It establishes a clear data management strategy right at the start, which simplifies integration and makes it more successful.
When you pick the integration model on the basis of your Salesforce personality, you:

  • Make your data more useful, hence more powerful.
  • Save up on time by solving all business needs.

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