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Service Cloud Certification Guide & Tips

Join The List Of Salesforce Consultants India With The Right Certification

Salesforce certifications are often sought after by candidates who want to build a career through Salesforce. There are several types of certifications, each one dealing with different features of Salesforce. The Salesforce Service Cloud Certification is targeted at candidates who have already garnered experience in implementing Service Cloud Solutions according to the business requirements of the customer. Many candidates prefer attending salesforce training classes to conquer the different concepts of Salesforce like design contact centre solutions, managing design and data analytics, design interaction channels and so on.

Key Points About Service Cloud Salesforce Certification

Candidates are offered a choice by Salesforce to attempt the examination either onsite or online. However, the format of the exam remains the same regardless of their choice. Here are a few key points to keep in mind if you plan on writing the exam:

  • The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.
  • The maximum time allowed to complete the examination is 105 minutes.
  • You will need to score a minimum of 67% to pass the exam.
  • Currently, the registration fee for salesforce certification exam online is USD 200.
  • You cannot access any online material or other printed material while attempting the examination.

Tips To Pass Salesforce Course In Chennai

Although the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Examination has been designed for people with proper experience in implementing Salesforce, it is necessary to prepare well for the examination to avoid retaking it again. Experts recommend following the tips given below to pass the examination with flying colours:

Use Online Modules
There are several online modules that can help build up your knowledge base about the topics covered in the examination. Break down each module into smaller parts and spent time going through each one. This will help you answer questions during the examination with confidence.

Focus on Important Topics
Certain topics that are covered in certification examination are given more weightage. If you have spent time going through the material on OWD, Sharing, Profiles, Opp Sharing and Accounts, you need not worry about scoring the minimum score to pass the examination.

Keep Revising
Most candidates are very confident about their test taking skills until they take the exam. So make sure that you go through the material plenty of times to accurately answer at least 41 questions out of the given 60.

Mock Tests
Once you have mastered the material, it is time to try your hand at a mock test. This will give you an idea of what you will face in the real exam. Make sure that you time yourself to stop you from being carried away by certain questions. There are several websites that offer salesforce training and certification assistance.

Take Your Time While Answering
Some questions are worded to confuse the candidates. So take your time to read through each question and choose the right answer carefully. At times the choices given in the multiple choice questions are also worded similarly to catch the candidate on the wrong foot.

Do Not Be Afraid To Reschedule
In case you are not 100% confident in your ability to pass the test, you can always reschedule. Once you have mastered the content, you can go ahead and take the test with no extra charges.