Ascend The Ladder Of Success As A Salesforce Advanced Administrator

Being a Salesforce Advanced Admin is one of the lucrative roles one can take on in the industry. If you plan on becoming a full-fledged Advanced Admin in Salesforce, you will have to follow a career path that looks similar to this:

  • Beginner Salesforce Administrator
  •  Intermediate Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator

Entering a career path as a Salesforce admin can be a bit confusing. Once you have aced the Certified Administrator test, you need to get real world experience and hands on experience. Several firms offer salesforce admin training via online classes as well as hands on experience. Experts recommend getting enrolled at one of these training centers to get more hands on experience. Some firms also offer you a chance to work as an intern on real live projects. You can use this valuable experience when applying for jobs as a Salesforce Admin.

Once you get more experience working as a Salesforce Admin, you can attempt your hand at the Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification. You will need to have an in depth understanding of the subject to be able to get this certification successfully. The Salesforce training cost will help you reap rewards in the future. Once you manage to clear this certification, you will be able to climb the career ladder faster. Employees with specialized Salesforce admin skills are always sought out by companies. You can also negotiate for a better deal during the recruitment process, as you will have the upper hand in the dealings.

After you become a Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, you will be expected to be responsible for managing dashboards, security, workflows, data and users, building reports as well as maintain Salesforce applications. You will be able to use your extensive knowledge of Salesforce applications to leverage the different features for maximum productivity. The role of a salesforce administrator requires you to be able to manage the firm’s Salesforce at any instance. You will need a lot of technical skills as well as interpersonal skills to do your job well. Here are a few responsibilities that are usually handled by Salesforce Administrators:

  • Able to work with the business to implement Salesforce changes
  • Build reports, workflow and dashboards.
  • Handles security and access to the system
  • Is aware of the basics of service cloud applications and sales cloud
  • Aware of standard and custom objects
  • Manage data
  • Handle Salesforce content and folder management
  • Handle workflow automation
  • Create email templates
  • Modify page layouts according to requirements
  • Be in charge of user administration

Once you ace the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification, you will be put in charge of additional responsibilities as seen below:

  • Change Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Territory management
  • Salesforce knowledge
  • Service Console and its basics
  • Man-to-many relationships
  • Static resources and usage
  • Deployment strategies
  • Visualforce controllers
  • SOAP & REST Web-services

If you are planning on climbing the career ladder to become a qualified Salesforce Advanced Admin, you need to work on salesforce admin certification practice tests. These mock tests will give you an idea of how the examination questions will be like and help you find your weak spots and work on them better.

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