Ensure Your Employees Complete E-Learning Courses

About Salesforce E-Learning Training Courses

As a manager or a team lead, you will understand that having a state of the art learning management system and a team of exceptional instructors, trainers and module designers alone will not get your sales force to learn. It is important that they stay motivated and learn. More often, managers and heads are forced to send threatening emails or give bribes to make them learn. Here are some things that will help your Salesforce stay motivated to learn from the module you have chalked out for them.

Give them dedicated learning time: If you load them with work and expect them to complete the given module, you are doing nothing but over-stressing your workforce. As managers, you may not realize the immediate value of your team spending time for training but in the long run, you will be able to realize its true potential.

Make them understand the need for this training: It is pertinent that your staff realize why this training is important for them. If they do not understand, it is the responsibility of the manager or the heads to make them realize the true value of such trainings that will make them perform better. Ensure that all the learning modules have mentions of its objectives so that your staffs know why they are learning it.

praise them for undertaking training: You may think it is irrelevant, but it is such words of praise that motivate them to train better. Leaderboards showing info about the individual staff members and how much of training they had completed can create a competitive edge and incite other staff to follow suit.

Allow usage of headphones: Many companies think that usage of headphones creates an anti-social atmosphere. This is a completely wrong illusion. It is not possible for staff to concentrate on their learning courses without the help of headphones as most good courses impart knowledge through audio visuals. The sounds of their colleagues talking on the phone or stopping by for chatter are only going to distract them. Encourage them to use headphones that will make their learning easy.

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  1. Not many business owners focus on checking if their employees complete the e-learning courses that are available. Today, the internet has many such courses, and it is important to note that employees complete some of them based on their positions.

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