Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of services which ranges from applications to data storage to processing all using the internet. The payment is based on pay as you use basis. Using cloud computing rather than having and maintaining an infrastructure of their own is beneficial for companies. That ensures that businesses can save on upfront infrastructure costs and also get away from owning the complex infrastructure. Companies can rent the applications, storage, data centers, etc. from a cloud service provider.

Versions of Cloud:

Cloud computing services came in various flavors and based on your company’s IT needs you should look to invest in a cloud service instead of owning an application or hardware. Two popular versions of it are SAAS, Software-as-a-service, and Infrastructure-as-a-service as per Cloud Computing in Chennai.

IAAS: This version is considered as the basic building block of cloud computing. These services offer servers both virtual and physical, networking and storage. Companies who are looking to build their infrastructure and want to have a control on the elements as well as have the technical skills to handle the services at every level opt for it. Many users who have used these online infrastructure services have said that the deployment time is reduced, and so is the maintenance costs. With IAAS the installation and maintenance of the operating system is the user’s responsibility and hence Hadoop training in Chennai help in training people.

SAAS: It is the most commonly used cloud computing version. The user will access and use the service either through a web browser or an app and pays on either per seat or user mode. Saas is made up of application software like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, etc. Salesforce which is a CRM application is a significant contributor that accounts for cloud application spending by companies, and salesforce training is provided by leading salesforce training institute in Chennai to cater to the enormous demand.

Cloud computing offers flexibility:

In today’s business which is very volatile and dynamic, there is a need for quick ramp up and down of services. Compared to hosting services of earlier which had contractual obligations of month’s or years, cloud computing offers services based on the resource consumption. The flexibility cloud services provide is a big bonus for industries like retail where they have a dynamic business cycle. Cloud computing helps in expanding and reducing the resources based on the company needs.

Frees up your staff: The IT team in a typical company spends a lot of time in troubleshooting, managing and maintaining the infrastructure or equipment. But when a business invests in cloud computing, it offers services on managing as well as provides the infrastructure thus freeing up the IT staff for other tasks. The cloud provider does all the managing of the services, and hence your team can work on other critical tasks which are more valuable to your business.

Cloud computing is very beneficial for companies that are looking to cut costs but want the latest infrastructure and applications. Businesses are spoilt for choices as there are numerous applications at their disposal.

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