What to look for in a Salesforce Consultant

salesforce consultant

Salesforce Consultants have become high in demand these days mainly because of their capacities to look into the development needs of businesses, in particular those who are using the Salesforce software platform. Consultancy work has likewise proven to be more cost-efficient especially for companies that do not require extensive IT resource on their operations; rather than hire an in-house Saleforce admin, they bring in a consultant who can check and evaluate their CRM performance just when needed.

But what are the qualities to look for in a Salesforce Consultant? You cannot just hire someone who has some knowledge in Salesforce in order to do the job, as this would only ruin your Saleforce investment. Besides, not all organizations that use Salesforce operate the same way, so it is very important to hire a Consultant that knows how to bend his or her skills to meet the organization’s business needs.

The qualities to look for in a Salesforce Consultant are:

1. Ability to communicate.

The ability to communicate effectively with client is one of the things to look for in a Salesforce Consultant. While there are a lot of qualified experts out there, not all of them are able to speak their minds and convey their insights in ways that clients can understand, especially those whose businesses do not delve much on IT.

The Consultant should not only be able to answer client questions, but also understand the organization’s business objectives and come up with sound strategies that both parties can work on. The Consultant’s ideas to improve business operations are vital, indeed, but when not translated into layman’s terms properly, these may end up useless.

2. Technical expertise.

When hiring a Salesforce Consultant, your organization does not only have to look for someone who has some skills. Salesforce Consultants therefore should be certified knowledgeable in the platform, and this requires having attained a certification from Salesforce itself.

Salesforce Consultants may also be experts in specific areas. They are often classified into three groups: Administrators, Developers, and Implementation Experts. You may want to check into the Consultant’s background first to see if he or she is the one your organization needs, so that specific needs can be immediately addressed.

There are also Consultants that concentrate on design and strategic solutions, such as Sales and Marketing Consultants and Cloud Consultants. You may want to look into their skills as well since they delve on the more technical aspects of Salesforce training in chennai that help boost your business objectives.
3. Credibility and stability.

How long has been the Consultant in the industry? Above anything else, you should do a background check on the Salesforce Consultant before bringing him or her on board to your company. This is because you need not just someone who knows how the Salesforce platform works, but someone who has garnered knowledge expertise both via theory and practice. You may want to work with consultancy groups that have been in the industry for quite some time already, since they have already worked with clients of varying scales and needs.

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