What To Consider Before Setting Up Your Salesforce Training Sessions


Salesforce Training

Salesforce training is essential for the growth of any company. How you can implement it effectively is what determines the success of the program. Take a look at a few points to help out.

Relevance to individual employees

It is convenient to finish off your training sessions with a common topic on Salesforce for all employees. However, have you considered if this is of any benefit? There may be employees from individual departments who have no idea of what you are talking about. They will be dealing with entirely different aspects of production or with other processes. In such cases, the training session is fruitless to them and is a waste of productive hours.

What you can do is group similarly functioning departments and arrange trade based sessions for the employees in those. You may have to split your sessions to suit all the employees. However, this is more efficient. Once the employees are trained to use Salesforce and implement the ideas in their processes, you can consider cross training programs. Each session of the training should be tailored to be relevant to the employee attending the training.

Technology in the hand of the computer

Provide training in the initial phase itself

Once an employee learns to do a process, in the beginning, they prefer to stick to that method. It is quite difficult to change their way of working with the help of a short training session. Training when imparted initially as soon as the employee joins, will give more efficient results. Impart the Salesforce training and ask the employee to implement the duties he is to perform using these techniques. There will be a minimum requirement for repetitive training.

The employee will grasp the necessary instructions and begin implementation in no time at all. Another useful point is to give him/her a part of the training when they go live in the process. While the theoretical instructions are given in classrooms during the initial training period, it is crucial to assist them while they begin to function fully fledged on the floor.


Give the employees exposure to real time practical lessons

All employees should be given real-time training sessions. This is the only way to improve the responsiveness and problem-solving skills of the employees. They will learn to implement what they learned and at the same time get a real life response from the customers and clients they deal with. The way they handle each client with the knowledge imparted through training makes a platform for further individual growth.

Salesforce Training Class

The real-time feedback from customers will be the best feedback an employee can get. This is instrumental in helping the company improve its client relationships. You can also adopt third party salesforce training modules. These modules will be based on the experience other firms have gained. While a session from Salesforce itself is informative, it is also beneficial to learn how other firms have implemented these practices. So check out any additional source of Salesforce training modules.

Customise the practices learnt

Salesforce is highly adaptable and can be customized according to every department’s needs. For example, a Sales Team can customize their methods of selling to obtain relevant information and insight on the market. The marketing department can effectively customize Salesforce methods to find out prospective buyers and also convert them into final buyers.

The techniques followed by Salesforce can be used to maintain and grow personal relationships between the company and customers. Enquiries on their general health, lovely reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, etc can all be customized to please the buyers. These small steps will help to retain and develop a loyal customer base.

Revise and repeat

Once you are done with the initial phase of training, do not make the mistake of leaving the employees to do their work in the same style for the rest of their tenure. The client market is always changing. The taste, likes and dislikes of people need constant supervision. So make sure each employee is regularly trained on Salesforce modules. All the employees are to be individually approached for their feedback on how the system is working. You should get to know how the employee feels about the practices being followed. Lots of employees will have lots of positive points to offer on the basis of experience.

Once you put into practice all these points, you will certainly find a difference in the growth curve of the company. Be innovative and stay updated on all the latest trends.

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