Importance And Features Of Salesforce That Make It Mandatory To Learn

Salesforce Features is one of the constantly evolving platforms in today’s world. Most of the companies adapt salesforce for helping them with the lead generation follow up and business development. There are various tools available in salesforce that can help in getting reports that are required. This also provides effective customer relationship management tools, that are important for closing the leads and acquiring new business. It also helps in adapting new technologies for the purpose of improving the company’s business prospects. It also helps in planning the entire marketing plan and meeting the targets. Companies can put some people through salesforce developer training that helps them in developing great enhancements in-house.

The platform also has different tools for various aspects of business such as HR helpdesk, customer service and any other options for addressing specific issues. There are also new options such as Employee Journey that help them to track employee journey right from the time they onboard and also throughout their cycle in the company. This provides a digital channel for addressing any specific issues or questions that might arise. These kind of tools are essential for the management to check employee status easily and also for following up with clients whenever required. Even though there is a small cost involved for using these tools, it is compensated by the services that are available.

One of the advantages in salesforce is that the company understands that doing everything on its own is not possible and the content part is mostly filled by the users themselves. One of the facilities is the option to have applications that the customers can use for building and make their own customized solutions. The salesforce marketplace has lots of apps that can be downloaded for this purpose. One of the HR solutions offered by Salesforce is the option called Chatter that allows the users to chat with each other. In case it is used for a particular department, it can help employees to connect with the department. Another tool called Salesforce HR Analytics is designed specifically for the HR department to both track and monitor all human resource metrics. There are so many career options available for people who have salesforce knowledge.

Any user can create a free salesforce admin account and access all features of the salesforce application. It also provides the user to test many new features and get exposed to the application. An admin user has to log in once in every six months to retain their accounts and prevent them from becoming inactive. Some of the facilities available to the users are that they can install AppExchange and test them, configure new features and test them, explore with various options like making custom fields and new workflow rules. Creating an admin account is the first step to learn and explore the salesforce application at ease.  

After creating the admin account, one can experiment with various features and resources that are available on the platform. There is an in-house learning tool called Salesforce Trailhead that can help the users to learn in an interactive manner. The basic set up is similar to that of Code Academy and that can be a short training for using salesforce.  Another platform called has modules that teach users about using salesforce using traditional methods. It is available in the form of a book and has detailed explanations. Depending on the comfort level of the user one can use either of the platforms to learn and use Dreamforce is an option that allows the user to get print-friendly versions of the book. There is another option called cheat sheet that is like a quick reference guide which can be used as a poster at your desk. Therefore, there are plenty of resources that are available for people to use. There is also a salesforce YouTube channel that features training videos for users.

One of the greatest features of salesforce is that it provides the user with an option to network with other people and share knowledge. There are more than 200 user groups in salesforce now discussing various topics. It connects users from across the globe in a single platform. They help users with any queries they may have about the platform or how to go about using it.

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