The Road To Creating The Perfect Salesforce Training Programs


Salesforce training varies from individual to individual. There is no one training that fits all. Before setting training on Salesforce, project managers should understand the program needs and fit to meet the requirements of the employees. Training methods vary for a sales person, administrator, developer, and architect. By keeping these training methods in place, you can improve the performance of the organization. Never compromise on the training aspect as it can affect the overall productivity of the company. So the question arises is how to reinvent the training wheel. There are a few tips to understand to make the best of the resources available. This can drive the employee to show best results.

Training is important for every employee. Hands on training show spectacular outcomes. The major drawback is that the employees are trained on every aspect of Salesforce than the modules that are useful for their work. Creating dedicated training for specific jobs would be the ideal option. Despite the work role of the employee the Salesforce Training has to be customized to meet their demands. The training materials have to be designed to meet your working needs. The employees have to recognize the importance of the job and make the maximum out of the training.

Continuous process

Training is a continuous process; it can get complicated sometimes. Salespersons end up hitting the same problems repeatedly and end up relearning the same topics. This makes it important to consider an onboarding process. The employees have to be given initial training at the time of joining the company. This can help them adopt to the work situation. There are a lot of training programs available both manual and automated.

Topic for best practices

Salesforce learning through Trailhead, using Chatter app from Salesforce, Whatfix flows live training, personalized training through Salesforce experts. Videos and documentation, training through credit system and allotting onboarding buddy.

Once the Onboarding training is understood the employees will be able to do their job efficiently. Incorporating the Salesforce training program into their learning circle is important.

Creating a real time scenario

A real time learning environment can promote a immersed learning platform for the employees. It can encourage developing technical, problem solving and creative skills making them proactive. The real time training can help them adopt to the work environment quickly allowing them to understand the functionalities and use them efficiently. It is easier to prepare an employee into an ardent Salesforce user with this training. Guided walkthroughs, game oriented approach, and virtual environment can help enhance the performance.

External training programs

Salesforce training caters to the requirements of the clients. There is lot of content made available along with external tools to solve various issues at different times. Whatfix is one such SaaS based tool that facilitates companies to create walkthroughs for new employees, allows for training employees in a real time scenario, make documentation easy and reduce technical queries.

Strengthen your team on Salesforce strengths

Regular users of Salesforce will tell you about the benefits of customizability regarding objects, fields, integrations, workflows, dashboard and more. Instead of teaching them the techniques to customize Salesforce, explain to them how to personalize particular aspects of Salesforce. This can help achieve good results. Train your salesforce to show good results by customizing the sales cycle and providing insights on the market. Teach auto log features to help them reduce their run in a long time. The admins should understand the importance of customizing the aspects for seamless working. The support team has to collect data from the prospects. It creates a platform for developers to extend Salesforce with Visualforce and Apex.

During the share program points on how to opt for a holistic approach, utilize out of the box features making business simpler and over-personalization of Salesforce and its detrimental effects.

Revise, Quantify, and Replicate

Remember that it is almost impossible to create a perfect training program. The programs have to be revised from time to time. It can help devise newer technologies and make the training easier. Add effective and time tested methods to understand which is working out well for you and which is not. To realize the benefits, it is important to measure the progress. Interaction can help understand the tough situations and assessing the changes can help the trainee to understand the learning curve.

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