The importance of cloud computing and its growth

Cloud computing has been creating waves in the Internet field. It is the use of various devices such as software development platforms, servers, software and storage over the internet which is referred to as the ‘cloud’.The cloud computing can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, over the internet. It is similar to a public utility system which relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

The importance of cloud computing:

The importance of cloud computing: The Cloud computing has been in use for almost a decade. It has been in use from the time the computer has started sharing applications and resources remotely. So, now let us discuss the uses of the cloud computing:

  • The cloud computing is used for everyday activities like listening to music, watching TV, banking, email, editing documents and storing and accessing of data.
  • The cloud computing is an on-demand platform for delivering database, computer power, storage, applications and IT services over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • It is not necessary that the user has to be stationed in a particular location to access the information he requires since the information is found in the cloud.
  • The user is able to store applications, data and files in remote servers and later it can be accessed over the cloud.
  • It is also useful for hosting blogs and websites over the internet.
  • Useful for live streaming of videos and for audio conferencing as well.

The different services available in cloud computing:

  • IaaS: The Infrastructure as a service[IaaS] maintains the hardware to ensure the servers long run. It provides a networking security, to protect the database. It provides with servers for developing applications, the user has to pay for only the resource used.
  • SaaS: The Software as a Service is a complete software solution, delivers the software applications over an interconnected network. This service is available on a subscription basis, the user has to pay for only the resources used. It also provides with complete security and easy access to data and applications.
  • PaaS: The Platform as a Service is entirely devoted to web developers to create mobile applications quickly. It is also used for testing, building, deploying managing and updating software applications.

Advantages of cloud computing:

  • This service is easily accessible, there is no need for expensive resources. It can be used for a long duration without any worries of expense
  • No need to worry about the geographic locations, the applications can be displayed world-wide.
  • Increases the speed and performance of delivering the resource to a developer. It also decreases the time and the expense involved.
  • All sort of business; whether small or large can succeed in a short time by the use of the cloud computing system. It eliminates the capital expense involved in setting up a business since it does not require any expensive resources.
  • It is invincible to disasters as the data is protected even if an accident occurs. The cloud computing system provides an all round protection to the data

The conclusion:

The cloud computing system can prevent software piracy forever. Software piracy hinders the economic development of a country. The developers can implement cloud computing in their business system. Adapting the cloud computing system will reduce the cost of conducting business. Now companies can store, backup data and launch a private cloud network.Companies who have implemented the cloud computing system can succeed faster than the others. The cloud computing has bought a new dimension to the way computers are used.

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