Trailhead – The Fun Way To Learn The Ropes Of Salesforce

People always look out for shortlists when it comes to learning and the same holds good for Salesforce learning as well. The answer remains in Trailhead. It is a guide for developer and administrators who want to understand the key principles of Salesforce. The online tutorial is interactive and is easy to understand. Trailhead was launched in December 2014 by the Salesforce Developer Marketing and the Doc team. New content and features have been added to the site since its launch. It is the best support for Salesforce training and is specialized designed for starters and middle level users.

Who can use Trailhead?

Trailhead is for beginners and intermediate learners. Trailhead will add advanced topics over a period of time. It is a comprehensive material for administrators and developers irrespective of their experience level. The ultimate goal of Trailhead is to simplify the learning experience of the Salesforce users. Learning Salesforce with Trailhead is turning out to be the most preferred tool for customers.

The unique features of Trailhead

Online learning with no time restriction

The trainee can opt for their own learning pace. They are given the privilege to choose the topics and complete them at their own convenience. All they have to do is to choose the suitable trail.

There are several places where you can learn this interactive model of Salesforce both online and other training centres.

Defining the levels

The content is divided into three levels, trails, modules and units. These are organized in a particular order to help the users to follow a predefined path. This way the users need not waste their time on deciding on their reading order.

Compact and concise content

The tutorial holds shorter units and can be completed in 10-15 minutes per unit. The content in the unit is easy to understand, self-explanatory and is practical oriented to improve the learning experience.

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After completing every unit, there is assessment to rate what you have learnt. It could be a multiple choice questionnaire or a assignment in DE org. Once the assessment is completed you can get quick feedback on your performance.

Tools to Motivate Learners

As you work your way through the modules, you’re given virtual badges and merits based on your performance. You can display these badges on your online profile and boost the value of your profile, giving you adequate recognition.

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Trailhead is a refreshingly new approach to learning Salesforce. Earlier users were finding it tough and challenging to understand a product or features. Despite the availability of elaborate documentation, it was unclear for the readers on where to start and how to proceed. The content integration and assessment in Trailhead has made it a valuable learning tool. Thereby it is proved that Trailhead is different from the documentation help provided.


Comparison of Trailhead and other resources

Trailhead is no different from the resources provided by the Doc team like online help, implementation guide and developer’s guide. But the difference here is that guide is designed to enhance the learning experience of the user. How does it achieve this? Simple, it is designed to be specific, easy and self contained. In the module, the user will learn about the basic information on the features, concepts, contexts and procedures. It is a comprehensive package. Each module explains the features, how to use, when to use and why to use in a compact and concise manner.

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In the docs, workbooks and tutorials are provided to introduce a concept in a series of steps to the user. But the workbooks cannot offer interactive assessments. Apart from this, to proceed in the workbook previous steps are required to complete a big project like building an app. On the contrary Trailhead is independent despite being arranged in the sequence and you are at discretion to pick the content of your choice without having to go one by one.

Trailhead has been successful with their ever improving features and concepts. The walkthroughs and videos is an effort by the Doc Team to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for the user. The developer community’s response is encouraging on Trailhead after it received 1500 tweets in the first month of its launch. Over the recent months, Trailhead team has added new features and topics.

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