What Does 2020 Hold For Salesforce?

Salesforce is the accepted market leader in cloud-based CRM because it has changed the way we market and sell our products and services. It was Salesforce that led to the realization that individual consumer data can be used to communicate better with your audience and use real-time data to make strategies. Better interaction with customers has allowed companies to meet their needs on time which led to companies maintaining their competitive edge.

Currently, every company in every sector is migrating to Salesforce to improve its productivity and hence growth. A few industries that have moved to Salesforce CRM are the public sector, retail, automotive, financial services, media, life sciences, and communication.
In this post, we discover what these companies and industries expect from Salesforce in 2020. But before diving into predictions, here’s a brief look back to what 2019 held for the CRM.

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A Look Back At Salesforce And 2019

The company acquired ClickSoftware, Mapanything, Tableau, Griddable, and Bonobo AI. It added a lot of features to the Lightning Platform. Salesforce even introduced the new consumer cloud for a few industrial niches like blockchain, manufacturing, and retail. Lastly, the CRM giant extended Einstein Analytics to three clouds – Financial, Commerce, and Services.
It is based on these changes that we can predict what Salesforce is set to do in 2020 and what initiatives it will take in the coming 12 months.

It will add more tech to CRM

The first change of 2020 in Salesforce is obviously going to be more technology in the CRM. This has become obvious with the millions of dollars it invested in the acquisitions. A handful of modifications you can expect from Salesforce are:

  • Synchronized enterprise data in the cloud. This prediction is based on its purchase of Griddable.
  • Integration of location-based intelligence software. This prediction is based on its acquisition of MapAnything.
  • Inclusion of AI-based communication tools. This prediction is based on its acquisition of Bonobo AI.
  • Introduction of both data analytics and data visualization. This prediction is based on its acquisition of Tableau.
  • Improved field service offering in Salesforce Service Cloud. This prediction is based on its acquisition of ClickSoftware.

It will make the Lightning Platform more important

The second prediction for Salesforce 2020 is the lightning Platform taking centre-stage. This assessment is based on the fact that the company added a plethora of features to the platform while the Classic platform did not get these additions. The new features made the Lightning platform more user friendly, more productive and highly scalable.
There are two things that you should expect this year. One, more and newer features to use on the Lightning platform. Two, the migration of a lot of companies from the Classic platform to the Lightning platform due to these additional features.

More use of Customer 360

Customer Service Support At SalesforceAs more and more organizations realize that you can gather data from various departments like marketing and sales to create a single user profile through Customer 360, they are switching to it. Moreover, businesses will utilize Customer 360 data to:

  • Forecast sales opportunities.
  • Chalk out the future marketing plan.
  • Resolve customer service problems.
  • Look into the product recommendations.

Moreover, Salesforce Customer 360 allows you to gather and maintain information in a well-integrated and organized manner. This means you can deliver a more personalized experience to your target audience besides meeting all their needs and demands.
One more forecast for 2020 is that a unified customer profile may be in the books due to the investment Salesforce made in Mulesoft.
In a gist…
Expect to see significant changes from Salesforce in 2020, from Customer 360 to solutions that are tailored for particular industry segments. If you want to migrate smoothly to the new features and tools the CRM giant is going to unleash on the world, avail the services of a Salesforce Training company in Chennai. As experts, they will be able to guide you on the new modification without any glitches and hindrances to your work, performance, and productivity.

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