4 Reasons Why You Should Transition Your Force.com Developer and Advanced Developer Certifications Now

Join The Salesforce Course In Chennai And Make The Much Needed Transition

One of the most important facts you need to understand is that the Salesforce platform keeps on evolving according to the latest changes in technologies and developments. There had been several new changes, developments and innovations that occurred during the last few years itself. Hence, naturally, the skill set needed for a platform developer will be completely different from the skills needed when the Force.com Developer and the Advanced Developer credentials where created in the first place. Hence, a new salesforce training and certification with the updated skill sets is a necessity in the changing times.

Thus, the newly introduced credentials to keep up with the new changes are:

  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
  • Platform Developer I
  • Platform Developer II

Those who already hold the previous Force.com credentials can try transitioning to the new credentials using an accelerated pathway.In case you are still not convinced, here are four solid reasons that will surely convince you of the need to transition:

  • The Previous Credentials Are Retiring Officially!

The latest information in the block is that with effect from March 30, 2018, the previous credentials like Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer as well as the Developer certifications will not exist and won’t be recognised as a professionally valid Salesforce credential. Hence, if you keep sticking to the old credentials, your credentials won’t even be identified as a valid one.

  • Why Take The Risk Of Losing Your Arduously Achieved Credentials?

You must have worked hard to earn the previous credentials. Will anyone like to lose their hard-earned work? No! You had put in your time and extra effort to get this credential due to your passion for the salesforce.com certified credentials. Why drown all those efforts down the drain? It is better to opt for the salesforce developer training and slowly make the transition. There is a particular transitional certification path for those who had previous credentials.

Join The Transitional Certification Path And Earn The New Credentials Of Salesforce Developer India

The transition path to earn the new credentials is the best way to your career growth and stability. The salesforce development training and the transition exams will help you to achieve the new credentials. Here is all the information you need to know about the transition path rules which came into effect on February 1, 2017:

  • In case you are one among the Salesforce Certified Force.com Developers, you have the option to maintain the existing credentials till the due date of the coming annual maintenance fee. But you cannot renew the maintenance and the Force.com Developer credentials if you keep waiting for that date. It is better to do the transition within that period. Once the date arrives, your credentials will be declared as expired. But there is no need to worry. You still have the option to do the transition even after the expiry of the existing credentials
  • In case you have the Salesforce Certified Force.com Advanced Developer credential or is in the path of getting the Force.com Advanced Developer credential; then you have the option to maintain the credentials till the transition to Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II credentials is complete.
  • The exams for completing the transition can be taken until March 30, 2018. This long period is provided to make sure you get ample opportunity to earn the new credentials like Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder and the Platform Developer I and II credentials before the date of retirement.

Opt For The Salesforce Developer Course And Open The Doors To A Bright Future

As time changes, new developments occur, new technological changes occur, the needs and vision of people change. Hence, we also have to go with the flow and be updated with the latest information. You will be considered competent enough only if you are equipped with the latest certifications and knowledge. That is why the transition of Force.com Developer and Advanced Developer certifications are crucial for a bright future in your career. Also, it is always better to be among the ones that make the transition first than be among the slogging last ones. Hence, don’t waste your time, gear up for the transitions! A whole new world of opportunities awaits you!


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